We're just getting into some great Montana weather!  And with so many outdoor activities in our area - how many times have you said to yourself "man, this is the best place to live!"?

WalletHub released their 2019's BEST STATES TO LIVE IN report.  They compared the 50 states across 51 key indicators of livability that include housing costs, income growth, education rate, quality of hospitals and more.

So even though we feel Montana is the best place to live - where did we end up in the survey?  Well, pretty much right in the middle.......#24.

We did finish #1 in Highest % of Population Aged 25 & Older With a High School Diploma or Higher.  So HOORAY for that.

FYI - Massachusetts finished in the top spot at #1 overall and Mississippi finished last at #50.

See the complete list of rankings for every state HERE.

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