When it comes to what states have better odds of residents being injured by an animal, I would guess that Montana would rank decently high on that list. We definitely have our share of wild beasts running around the state. But what state has the highest number of animal attacks? Which one has the best chance of being involved in an incident with an animal? You know I wouldn't be asking those questions if somebody didn't already do the research for us!

Doing a little number crunching on animal attacks

The folks at BetOhio.com took a look at the data when it comes to your chances of being attacked by wildlife based on where you live. Why exactly did they do that? Well, that part isn't exactly clear since BetOhio.com is a website dedicated to sports gambling in the state of Ohio. Maybe it was a slow sports day and they decided to spice things up a bit. Whatever the reason behind the study, when all was said and done, Montana almost topped one portion of the findings.

Where are the most fatalities reported?

The study looked at the number of fatal animal attacks across the country since 2000 to determine What Are Your Chances of Being Attacked by Wildlife? It could be a result of anything: dog bite, shark attack, bee sting, venomous snake, etc. Texas had the most deaths with 599. That number is almost double the next closest, 312 in California. Florida rounds out the top three with 257. As a guy that lived in Florida, I don't know how that number isn't higher with gators roaming around and snakes everywhere you look! The number for Montana was 35 which placed us in the middle third when comparing the states.

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Montana almost took the top spot in one category

Even though Texas had the highest number of fatalities, because of its population it had a one in 53,842 chance of a dangerous animal encounter. Meanwhile, Montana was the second-highest on the list with a one in 31,232 chance. Number two on the list of being targeted? That's not exactly where you want to be!

Check out the safest states to live in, what types of attacks are most common in each state, and what data was used to calculate the results with BetOhio.com's article HERE.

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