Who's ready to eat? I don't know if you answered that question by raising your hand like your 2nd grade teacher just asked the class a question - but that's exactly how I picture it. Thanksgiving just has that special feel when you're closing in on it. All the other holidays are great - but there's something about the buildup of Turkey Day that's different than the rest. Perhaps it's all the plans we put into place in our minds about the damage we'll inflict on all the delectable dishes. Yep, maybe that's it. The 4th of July, St. Patrick's Day, and the others don't keep you thinking about melting into the couch with your pants undone before going back for more!

Have you decided how different the holidays will be for your family this year? Or will they even be different at all? Around our place it's usually just us for Thanksgiving so things won't be too different because of the pandemic. Even though we stay home and it's low key with us and two kids under the age of six, my wife usually ends up putting out a spread that could feed a dozen of us. I don't know what brought on the change, but she said she doesn't want to fight with the hassle of it all this year. I heard my mouth say "I totally get it" but the rest of me, powered by my belly, went into panic mode! My first thought went to how I was going to be able to stuff my face when watching football games when we aren't going to have turkey and the fixin's.

I think I might have found the answer to my dilemma. I see that Famous Dave's is doing up turkeys for Thanksgiving and I figure there's probably a few other places with viable options that I've never had to think about before.

The turkey feast includes corn bread, stuffing, mashed potatoes & corn, serves 10-12 people, can be purchased hot or cold, and requires 72 hours notice.

Do you know of any other places that will do the work and you just have to pick it up? If you do, drop us a note using our mobile app and we'll compile a list of options. If you're skipping the travel this year and don't feel like cooking - this would be the perfect year to order out and help businesses that have felt the pinch from COVID restrictions.

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Oh.......and where's the best spot to pre-order a pumpkin pie?

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