I started watching pretty intense scary movies at an early age. I still remember the first real horror movie I ever saw - it was Poltergeist, and I've always seen that as a perfect "kid's horror movie." It's bonkers and scary, but it's relatively bloodless and feels pretty tame compared to other horror movies from the same era.

A lot of my favorite movies when I was a kid were like that - GremlinsLittle Shop of HorrorsThe Nightmare Before Christmas, etc. I even had a Halloween party when I was 9 where, after trick-or-treating, we all hung out at my house and watched Psycho.

But I realize that may not be the case for everybody - some kids at that age get too scared at that kind of thing. But is there a Halloween movie that your kids love? Did you start them off with Hotel Transylvania or did you jump straight to Saw? (sidenote: please tell me you didn't jump straight to Saw.)


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