There's something to be said about the appeal of a small town. I've always been a city guy, personally, but it's always fun to visit a small town and discover hidden gems you might not know about otherwise. Unique stores, incredible restaurants, outdoor adventures - you'll never know what's out there until you explore.

Apparently, the staff at Thrillist agrees, because they released a list that names the Best Small Towns in Every State in the US. In it, you'll find descriptions of places like Homer, Alaska, Telluride, Colorado, and Hudson, New York. But of course, I wanted to know about Montana. Which Montana town did Thrillist decide would make the cut?

Well, here's your answer - Livingston was officially named Montana's best small town, with a population of 8,150. The article calls it "the epicenter of Montana cool," and mentions aspects of the town like the Murray Bar, the Chico Hot Springs, its location near Yellowstone, and the fact that celebrities like Jeff Bridges and Michael Keaton have made their residence there.

Do you think Livingston is the right place to represent Montana on the list? Is there another town that you think should have gotten the nod instead?

10 Smallest Towns in Montana

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