One thing we can all peacefully agree to disagree on is the results of these "best place" kinds of surveys.

But that's what makes them fun. Nobody has to dig their heels in and get nasty about the findings. And it's always interesting to see what goes into what others perceive us as being. Good or bad. This one happens to be very complimentary.

Our friends at let us know that they have put Missoula at the top of their:

The Best Places to Live for Singles: 7 Cities That Are Fun, Friendly and Affordable

Money says that for those trying to forge their own path through life, finding the right place to live can often be a challenge. You want a place with plenty of activities and chances to build connections, but you need a place that’s affordable on a single salary.

Each year Money puts in hundreds of hours digging through thousands of data points to produce its annual list of Best Places to Live in the U.S. They consider stats on affordability, job opportunities and amenities that make a city attractive — with a family focus. But the reality is that 31% of American adults self-identify as single, according to a 2020 profile from the Pew Research Center. And while many of Money's data points are also important to singles, what qualifies as a desirable (or even, affordable) place to live can really depend on your relationship status.

Thus, an updated formula to look for the places where single people of all ages can find fun, build community connections and afford a comfortable lifestyle. Here are some of the highlights of what made Missoula #1.

Best For: Outdoor Adventurers, Craft Beer Enthusiasts, Lifelong Learners.

The residents of Missoula know how to take advantage of everything their city has to offer — no matter the time of year, temperature or their relationship status.

Within 15 miles there are over 577 spots available for every outdoor activity one could think of, including skiing and snowboarding at Snowbowl just 12 miles northwest of downtown and ice skating at the popular Glacier Ice Rink. During the warmer months, the same enchanting landscape provides ample opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, camping and exploration.

Montana has the second-most craft beer breweries per capita in the U.S., and Missoula is one of the state’s hot spots.

Residents on a never-ending quest for knowledge have the opportunity to enroll at the University of Montana’s School of Extended and Lifelong Learning at the University of Montana campus. Beyond your typical professional development courses, SELL offers some unique certifications designed to help local industries.

There's lots more nice things that they have to say about Missoula. And the 6 other top cities are listed as well. You should take a few minutes to check out more here. Especially if you're single!


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