It's like a holiday each year, Super Bowl Sunday. Like most fans this year I am disappointed by the teams playing in the game (Eagles vs. Patriots) but it is the final game of the season, all the bragging rights are on the line. Most people think Tom Brady will show why he is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), although some think that the Eagles just might have what it takes to win this one.

One thing is for sure, like most people I will be consuming way too much food. Savannah and I were discussing last night was was going to be on the menu this year. Even for just the two of us we decided on Chips and Queso, a Taco Bar, and cupcakes. There is no reason for us to need or make all of that but it's part of the fun.

When I was growing up the Super Bowl was always a tradition in my house with my mom creating way too much Mexican food. So over-consumption is just an annual tradition for me as we watch the final game of the NFL season. Plus the commercials and halftime show just make it more of an experience.

What are you doing for the Super Bowl this year? Do you have something special on your menu?

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