I don't know who came up with the idea of the food truck - but they need a day named in their honor. What a fantastic invention! What's better than food you would go to a restaurant for but it travels around and conveniently pops up at all the locations and events you find yourself at? There's nothing better than being at a concert, sipping on a few beverages, and being able to grab a quick bite that's way better quality than a typical concession stand. That's just one of the great things about Missoula, you'll find food trucks all over town ready to serve you up a delicious dish.

How much do we love our food trucks? Did you see that picture up above? That's from an Instagram page dedicated to the daily schedule and location of food trucks in Missoula that has more than 3,200 followers? It's pretty dang handy to be able to track the whereabouts of your favorite dish distributors. And with the pandemic it's great to be able to have so many food options without having to go to a restaurant.

WorkWise recently published an article on their website that set out to answer the question that's on everyone's mind - what is every state's most popular type of food truck? Their findings show that the most popular choice, leading the way in 17 states, was barbeque. For Montana and six other states the results showed comfort food as the most popular. Maryland's choice was seafood. I guess I get it, east coast and all, but I just don't know about seafood from a food truck!

How did they come up with these "scientific" results? You can check out all the dirty details and see the favorites from every state with this article.

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