While at the Garth Brooks show in Billings over the weekend, Garth was asked if Trisha Yearwood his wife and great cook is the one who makes the food on tour. Trisha replied "No, Garth likes to have caterers but they make my recipes. Garth quickly replied, "The food is never as good as when Trisha makes it."

Country musician Dustin Lynch was doing an interview recently and was asked what country musician has the best food while on tour. And without hesitation he mentioned Brad Paisley.

"The first catering I ever had in my life was Brad Paisley catering. I went out…it was a show in Memphis, and Justin Moore took me on his bus just to roll and just kind of check it out. And I remember eating the catering there, and I had like freakin' swordfish or something. I was like, 'What is [this].' You know, we're used to pizza and barbeque and he's serving five-star dinners out there. You know, I think that really kinda helps the spirit of a tour whenever you're eating good every day and not having to eat fare food and stuff like that, it definitely helps the vibe backstage, for sure."

If you ask me, pizza and bbq would be great, but who would have ever thought Swordfish while on tour. Well done, Brad Paisley!


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