We were having a conversation this morning about Budweiser's new commercial that reunites the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales and their friend, the Labrador Retriever puppy. The commercial was made to celebrate the reopening of America - kind of a "things are getting back to where they should be" type of message. Of course, things aren't quite there yet as many states are seeing record numbers when it comes to COVID-19 cases. But, that's a different story.

Our conversation went from talking about the new commercial, to Super Bowl commercials of the past, onto commercials you remember from when you were growing up, and morphed into all the commercials that have etched their way into your brain and never left.

One of my favorite commercials of all time is the Old Spice commercial where the guy ends it with "I'm on a horse."

We asked listeners to share the favorite commercials they've remembered throughout all the years. It was pretty fun to see the different answers as they came rolling in. The boss probably wouldn't be too impressed with the amount of lost production today as we spent time watching all the YouTube links that were submitted.

Check out the compilation below with some of the responses we had for memorable commercials. There's probably a few that will have you saying "oh man, I remember that" or make you start singing the jingle for the product - you know they were so catchy!


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