A western Montana 4th grader is getting some big-time exposure after being chosen as a winner in a national contest. The elementary student is being recognized for a poster he created that will now be featured in a 2023 calendar. In a tiny way, I guess this would be a bit like the elementary school equivalent of winning on American Idol. You show off your talents, your body of work gets judged, and you compete against entrants from around the country!

A winner for each month of the calendar

A student named Atikiss attends Lillian Peterson Elementary in Kalispell and will now have a very cool answer whenever the "what's one of the coolest things that's happened to you?" question gets asked. As part of an assignment for his technology class, Atikiss submitted his poster in a contest that was held by the Center for Internet Security. Out of hundreds of submissions, he was one of just 13 to be chosen as winners. A Montana Right Now story highlights Attikiss and his artwork and says the poster contest "aims to raise awareness around cyber security issues facing kids."

His poster is all the buzz

It's pretty scary when you think about what crazy stuff is out there on the internet for kids to find. Anything that educates and brings attention to the threat is nothing but a good thing. Details of Atikiss' poster from the story are described as follows:

His drawing reads "None of your Bizzznis" with four bees labeled password, address, school and name. He said those are all pieces of personal information you don't want to give to strangers, and the reason he used bees as an illustration is fascinating. "My mom's dad has a bunch of bees so they kind of hurt when you get stung."

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The Center for Internet Security will put out their 2023 calendar that will feature artwork from Atikiss as well as the other 12 winners.

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