Of course, it's just one website's opinion - but a recent article at www.eatthis.com gave their picks for "The Absolute Best Sandwich in Every State."

How did they arrive at their suggested picks? Well, they used some input from Yelp including reviews and star ratings, took customer suggestions into consideration and threw in a little personal judgement. See how they break it down HERE.

Is there a new article or review every month from some website or publication that picks the "best" place to eat and the "best" item off the menu? Sure there is. But this is the one we stumbled upon today.

And the pick for Montana is...........

Here's what they laid out as having bragging rights for Montana:

The Desoto Grill is the place to go for a mean sandwich. Several Yelp reviewers rave about the Supercharged BLT, with one reviewer saying the "b" in BLT at this place stands for three thick slabs of candied pork belly. Another reviewer says this place offers the best BBQ in Kalispell! You'll have to decide for yourself!

The next time your close you'll have to stop in and try it.

What would your recommendation be for favorite sandwich?

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