Montana has some of the most beautiful roads in America. With just about every stretch of highway being a scenic drive. Not to mention we are such a large state. Here the roads seem endless. This is why Montana would be the perfect state to feature in a popular trucking simulator game.

American Truck Simulator has released the Montana DLC maps.

American Truck Simulator is a popular game amongst PC gamers. This game allows you to take over your own big rig and make your way across the country in search of jobs. The simulator is so realistic, it is much like flight simulators are for aspiring pilots. You can't just sit down and pretend you are playing a round of Grand Theft Auto. This simulator takes some real skill. Hauling everything from retail items to giant loads of lumber.

SCS Software/YouTube
SCS Software/YouTube

According to the American Truck Simulator website, the Montana DLC (downloadable content) has recently been released.

Are you ready to explore the Treasure State? From majestic mountains to crystal clear lakes, Montana will take your breath away with its unspoiled, natural beauty. While deer, antelope, and elk outnumber people here, truckers will discover plenty of gems whilst delivering to the many cities & settlements located across the State.


The resemblance of the towns and landmarks in the game looks amazing. Just one look at the gameplay, and you are instantly transported to I-90 making your way through Big Sky country.

The accuracy of the game is mind-blowing. Take the gameplay in Missoula for example. Landmarks like the courthouse, the university, and even Reserve street are portrayed with spot-on accuracy.

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