Spring has arrived and that means bear sightings will be increasing. We are no strangers to bears here in Montana. Every spring we can almost guarantee a bear sighting within city limits. Whether it be a report of a bear rummaging through trash, or emptying every last speck of seed from a bird feeder, black bears are hungry and looking for any kind of food. Even stealing from pigs.

Did you know bears and pigs are similar?

It has always been said that bears are just hairy pigs. That is false. Even though they share some similarities to pigs, bears are not closely related.

According to faunafacts.com

Bears and pigs aren’t related. They’re different species that are part of different families. Despite not being related, bears and pigs share certain similarities such as the broad molars that they use to crush food and wallowing in mud. Moreover, both species are omnivores

Little pig, little pig, let me in!

Recently a video surfaced online of a hungry black bear trying to invade a pigpen. It happened in Gaylordsville, Connecticut on St Patrick's day. A bear was captured by a security camera trying to climb into a domestic pigpen. The result was priceless footage of a grumpy group of pigs defending their lunch.

Several videos took place of the bear being curious and even having a little trouble climbing into pen before discovering video of a bear getting into the pen that started the action of the pigs handing him a new ass and letting him know, no bacon for him!

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