Brennans Wave in Missoula is not only a huge local attraction but has national respect as well. If you're an avid surfer of the wave, you'll want to see this new app.

One of the places that make Missoula so unique is Brennan's Wave. A manmade wave in the heart of downtown named after a famous Missoula Kayaker that died doing what he loved in 2001. It attracts not only locals, but kayakers, bodyboarders, and surfers from all over the globe. On a warm summer day, you can catch a huge crowd gathered at the viewing spot for hours just to watch these athletes.

Now, if you are one of these athletes, surfing Brennans Wave just got a little easier with a new, local app. The designer has done a huge Missoula solid and has made the app completely free, and no requirement for any log-in. It uses public data provided by USGS and NOAA with forecast updates on the hour. You can also share images and talk with your local surf community.

The Magic Moss app doesn't just feature our local Brennas Wave, but also surf/kayak conditions in states like Idaho and Wyoming. It's very user-friendly and easy to use.

Now once again this app is completely free to use and the designer isn't asking for any money, but there is a "buy me a coffee" button at the bottom if you have a few dollars and want to say thanks. Either way, enjoy and happy surfing. Cheer to Summer.


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