Marathon weekend is one of the biggest events of the year for Missoula. It gets the community active and outdoors - and it brings in some serious tourism money as people from all over the country (and other countries) come to take part in the events and see the sights of Missoula. It was a pretty big hit to restaurants, hotels, and businesses when the marathon had to be canceled because of COVID last year. And the effects will be felt again this year as the decision not to hold the race had to be made a few months in advance. It's a bit of bad timing - if the race was a couple months later in the year it might have come with a different decision as more people are getting vaccinated and infection rates continue to drop. At least we should get back to business as usual with the Missoula Marathon next summer.....and by then we'll have the bonus of the construction on the Higgins Bridge being completed.

As a sponsor of the Missoula Marathon we're bummed that we don't get to be out and be part of it just like everybody else. But just because marathon weekend with all the bells and whistles isn't happening, that doesn't mean the race itself is entirely off. Runners can still take part in the virtual race weekend by registering for the marathon, half marathon, or 5k races (no Kids Race this year.) And one cool thing about the virtual races is that you can actually run them anywhere. According to the Missoula Marathon website: "Run or walk your race distance wherever you are located.  Run where and when it works best for you.  Manhattan, MT or Manhattan, NY. Portland, OR or Portland, ME. Weekends, weekdays, morning, evening, middle of the night.  Roads, trails, maybe a bit of both.  It’s all good."

Registration for the virtual events will end this weekend! Your registration will include a Runner Box being sent to you that will have a shirt, finisher medal, race bib, and some Missoula- and Montana-specific items.

Prices for the virtual runs are as follows:
Virtual 5K – $30
Virtual Half Marathon – $87
Virtual Marathon – $97

If you want to register - do it HERE! Registration closes at 11:59 PM (Mountain Time) on Sunday (6/13.)

Everything you need to know about the Missoula Marathon can be found HERE.

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