It's been almost 10 years since Martina McBride was in Missoula performing at the Adams Center when her friends Little Big Town joined her on stage. It was a concert that will be talked about for at least another 10 years.

In the video you can see Martina and her crew hanging with Little Big Town after the show with some special footage of them jumping on stage together.

I wasn't around for this show, but what a tremendous amount of talent on one stage here in Missoula!

Charene was at the concert though and made the drive from Kalispell for the show. She says :

This concert was not only an awesome show but one of my first real backstage experiences. I had gone before and done the real quick meet and greet and on your way. We happened to be last so Martina invited us to hang for a bit. Her security and crew member was a huge Texas College football fan and my friend Russel was wearing his Texas hat so that helped too. Martina was so kind. We had out St.Jude Children's Hospital guitar and she happily signed it. Then I was able to go back behind the stage and hang out because I had my radio pass on. Then who do I see but LBT! They told me they were not performing but were in town JUST for vacation and had been fishing. They went back to the engineering box to watch the show from afar. They did end up getting onstage with MM. The only photo I wish I could find was me on the jumbotron pointing at myself. Great show and even better people.

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