If you had to list your Achilles heel.....what would it be? Mine would totally be the fact that I can't get a package in the mail to have it be delivered on time to save my life. I'm the king of late arrivals. At this point, it's pretty much just expected by those on the receiving end. Bad news for me - this is shaping up to be a crazy holiday season when it comes to deliveries.

I saw a stat that said there was a 21% increase in online spending.......in just the first 10 days of holiday shopping this year! That seems like a pretty crazy jump - but I guess it makes sense with so many people trying to avoid stores. Why go out and chance the germs if you can place an order from just about anywhere these days?

So just think about all the online orders that are already being filled and shipped. That number will only increase as we get closer to Christmas. And then factor in the amount of people that will be avoiding travel this year and will instead need to mail packages. It's going to make for a crazy next five weeks for the Postal Service.

The USPS is sending out the warning that people should get packages in the mail as early as they can this year!

An NBC Montana article includes this comment from the USPS, “The Postal Service always encourages customers to send their gifts and cards early. This year is no different. This has been an extraordinary year of unprecedented challenges given the COVID-19 pandemic, and the postal service is expecting significant volume increases which are difficult to predict.”

A handy feature you might not know about - but one that could save you some time - is the ability to use Click-N-Ship (see above.) With the service you can pay for and print shipping labels from home. You'll need to create an account on the USPS website to use the service - but it's probably worth the time that you'll avoid having to stand in line.

Good luck out there this holiday season. May all your packages have the fortune of arriving on time! See a list of the 2020 Holiday Shipping Deadlines HERE.

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