First, I cannot thank you enough for clicking on this blog to read about the update on my brother's cancer diagnosis. We first learned about Drew's battle a few days before Christmas and it was overwhelming to say the least. At just 34 years old he should be worried about being the best father to his daughter, instead he is fighting cancer and being the best dad he can be.

Photo courtesy of Laurie Werner

Today is a big day as Drew is getting a second biopsy done and beginning his 2nd round of Chemotherapy. As my family and I have learned thoughts and prayers are a huge help so please send them his way.

Over this past weekend Drew decided to jump out in front of the hair loss side effect and is now running around with a bald head. Which he says he prefers compared to the patches he was dealing with last week.

Photo courtesy of Drew Jenkins

As you can assume we are all very eager to hear good news now that round 1 has been completed, but we will be patient with optimism. There has been a donation page set up to help with some of the medical costs, thank you for any donation you can make. But more than anything, just keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming as we continue through the fight.