Most of you know that my brother Andrew (Drew) was diagnosed with Leukemia just a week before Christmas. He has a rare type of Leukemia which is making it more challenging to fight, but the battle is already on.

My brother is currently in Virginia Mason hospital downtown Seattle wrapping up his second bout of Chemotherapy in hopes to slow down the Leukemia but we know a transplant is a necessity. Two of my siblings were tested to see if they would be a good match for a bone marrow transplant, unfortunately neither are a great match.

The good news is that within the big database there were 70 people that were a better match for Drew than our siblings. It sounds like within the next 5-10 weeks they will be moving forward toward the transplant.

At this point we are just hoping and praying that this transplant will work correctly and his body will accept the transplant. In procedures like this there is always a chance that his body just won't accept it, but seeing that he is in shape and only 34 years old those things increase his chances throughout this process.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

To be 100% honest, we need a transplant to take place and his body to accept it asap. The Chemotherapy is working some, but not doing everything we had originally hoped.  Please keep Drew in your thoughts and prayers over the coming weeks and months I will update you with more just as soon as I have more information to pass along. Thank you for your support through this.

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