When it comes to research growth in these pandemic-dominated times, the National Science Foundation says the University of Montana has lofty status.

Our thanks to UM News Services, who let us know today that the University of Montana is ranked in the top 10 nationwide for research growth, according to data from the National Science Foundation. That foundation is the national repository for data on research activity for 725 institutions of higher education across the nation. According to that data, UM ranked No. 6 nationally for research growth among all universities with more than $100 million in research expenditures.

Scott Whittenburg, UM vice president for research and creative scholarship, was quoted as saying, “This ranking further underscores that UM faculty and student researchers are making a profound impact on some of the most pressing issues facing society. Whether it is critical COVID-19 vaccine research or studying snowpack to identify flood and drought risks, UM researchers are providing an incredible resource to our state."

Amidst the pandemic, UM has already exceeded $100 million in research awards this year. Research expenditures grew from $55 million in 2014 to $104.7 million in 2019 – the last year that data has been reported – nearly doubling the amount of research expenditures at Montana’s flagship university in just five years.

So, where are those dollars coming from? From quite a diversified list of contributors, actually. They include federal contracts and research grants. In 2019 alone, NIH (National Institutes of Health) invested $28.1 million in UM for research activities and the U.S. Department of Agriculture contributed another $6.5 million.

Congratulations to UM and here's wishing them continued success with their research.


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