If you want to further your college education during a 15-day downtime, the University of Montana has announced ample opportunities to do so.

UM has announced a winter session for students to continue their academic progress. With fall semester beginning and ending earlier this year because of the pandemic, the University of Montana is offering a winter session to help students make the most of their break. The public also is invited to enroll in classes. More than 50 courses will be offered during the three-week session, with almost all of the classes offered entirely online and remotely. The winter session will run November 30 through December 18.

Many of these are general education courses that will appeal to a wide range of students, but also a good number of upper division and graduate classes will be available. That is according to Nathan Lindsay, UM Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. He also points out that for students who want to continue their studies during this longer winter break, it is a wonderful opportunity.

Before opting to host a winter session, UM polled students, staff and faculty to gauge their interest, and there was a high level of enthusiasm across the Griz community.

Advising for winter session 2020 and for spring 2021 will begin the first week of October, and registration will open the week of October 26. Summer Session 2021 registration opens the week of November 9.

There is a great headline on the information and registration page that reads, Not All Grizzlies Hibernate. And it sounds like not all Grizzlies have to be fall or spring semester students to get some college education during a three-week period. You can find out more on the UM Winter Session page here. Our thanks to UM News Service for the chance to help spread the word.


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