The Davidson Honors College at the University of Montana is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to academics. Of course, this might not seem like much of a surprise, but the numbers are truly astonishing, and something to be proud of for these students.

Currently 204 students are enrolled in DHC, which is its largest class since 2008, according to Dean Brock Tessman.

Reports show that even applying to DHC is getting competitive. Tessman said the average SAT and ACT scores of DHC applicants were at record highs, and the average GPA of all DHC applicants was the second highest in the past decade.

What's more, DHC students are also well versed in international experiences.

"Perhaps the brightest point of progress, though, is the number of students we have studying and working overseas in a purposeful manner," Tessman said.  "I think this is a real step forward. I see a lot of value in our students in this type of international exposure."

Tessman said international experiences will continue to be an area of emphasis for DHC students.

Currently about 700 UM students across all academic majors are enrolled in the honors college.