The Griz Walk is back! Line up at 11:10 a.m. this Saturday between McGill Hall and the Adams Center at the University of Montana campus to cheer on the Griz! 

"If they line up from McGill Hall which is just to the south of the Adams Center and down to the Adams Center, the football team will come through," UM's Brynn Molloy said. "They'll be coming from breakfast and meetings elsewhere on campus at 11 a.m. The spirit squad, the UM marching band, and Monte will meet at McGill Hall and as soon as the football team meets them, they'll lead them to the Adams Center. Fans can cheer them on as they go, high-five them, and get them excited!"

The Griz Walk will happen before every home game in tribute to former Griz football coach Mick Delaney. Molloy said it isn’t just the fans that like the Griz Walk either…the players do too.

"We only did it twice last year. Griz-Cat was the first one, and we were lucky enough to have a playoff game so we did it then too," Molloy said. "They think it's pretty cool to see fans out there. We hope we can grow it and make this a huge thing to the point where fans are lining all of campus. It's really exciting for them to see the support and all the fans out there so early before a game."

The Griz will take on North Dakota State University this Saturday with kickoff scheduled for 1:30 p.m.

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