Have you ever been to a strip club? Well, I have not. So, I have often wondered what really goes on inside those places. No doubt they are filled with scantily clad ladies twirling their unmentionables and throwing them into a crowd of jeering men. The men sit around oagling and drooling like old dogs without teeth.

  • I recently found this YouTube video when I was searching for Montana videos. I was shocked at what I found. A made-in-Montana pole dancing video was at the top of the list. I was hesitant to watch it, afraid of what it might contain. Since it was only 30 seconds, I figured I might be able to forget what I saw if it was too bad.

  • The video was not what I had expected. It was pole dancing alright, pole dancing like I’ve never seen before on TV, though, and I’m sure not seen in most Missoula strip clubs. There is really no way to describe what I saw. You must see it for yourself.