It seems that every year we say "WOW! There sure has been a lot of idiots through the park this year." But, like yearS past, this one has been particularly infested with "Tourons." Maybe it is just because most people had their vacation plans interrupted by the pandemic. Or maybe it is because they have been in lock-down for so long that they have just completely lost grip on reality. Like the drunk guy challenging the bull bison to a gentlemen's duel. Or even the famous biker chick who lost her pants in a stand off with bison in South Dakota.  But, now the typical 'Touron' trying to snap a selfie, has joined the list of idiots who are visiting our national parks. Watch as a bull elk does his best to convey the message that "HE DOES NOT WANT TO BE IN YOUR PICTURE."

According to RMEF.ORG

Over three days in June 2018, cow elk badly pummeled two people after they got too close to their calves in separate incidents in Yellowstone National Park. Both assaults resulted in extensive, traumatic injuries. The world’s first National Park, Yellowstone is 146 years old and saw over 4 million visitors in 2017. Increasingly, those visitors are getting too close to wildlife, geysers, waterfalls and other potentially fatal attractions.

As with bison, far too many people view normally stately elk as docile. With several habituated populations in the park, especially at popular Mammoth Hot Springs—the situation is ripe for elk-related injuries. More than 40 percent of average annual visitors enter the park during early fall, coinciding with the rut when bulls are at their most aggressive and least predictable.

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