Most of us have made the mistake of buying something online after having a few drinks, or maybe you just stayed up way too late and your thinking wasn't clear. I recently saw an article naming the 7 things people buy at 3am, by As much as I enjoyed the article, I know for myself the one thing that I purchase is novelty t-shirts. Here is a condensed version of the top items bought by people that should be sleeping.


  • 1


    Especially after an adult beverage, it is hard to say no to clothes you like!
  • 2


    Accessories are almost more dangerous than clothing, because of how inexpensive some of the pieces can be.
  • 3

    Kids Clothing

    There is normally so many cute items of clothing for kids, this is easy to do with lots of nieces and nephews.
  • 4

    Health Care Products

    Weight loss items are an easy purchase when you're up too late.
  • 5

    Beauty Products

    Wrinkle creams, and makeup are often times purchased late at night
    Photo courtesy of Natasha Litova