We are all most likely to commit at least one or more of these summer fails this summer and already have.

Nypost had an article where they broke down the research of a study backed by sunglass retailer Maui Jim. The article is a good read for summer time. They revealed that 1/3 of people forget sunglass and 70 percent buy cheap glasses which can have negative effects on your eyes. Also that we will commit 104 summer fails per summer!

I know I am guilty of all of these actually so it is not surprising to me that these are the top 10. The one I am most guilty of doing is #4 not applying sunscreen. It's hard not to watch TV in the summer sometimes when your favorite show is released.

1. Watching too much TV

2. Not wearing a hat in the sun

3. Not sleeping enough

4. Not reapplying sunscreen

5. Sitting all day

6. Not putting on eye cream

7. Staring at your phone all day

8. Being too active outside

9. Wearing tight, dark-colored clothes.

10. And drinking too much

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