My friend Brett French, the outdoors editor of the Billings Gazette, must have had fun with this story. Has a Goldilocks in Reverse feel to it.

Living just outside of Red Lodge, Montana, you're pretty used to getting up close and personal with wildlife. But for these homeowners this incident was perhaps way more up close and personal than you typically like for comfort.

Brett tells us that a woman had to shoo a mama black bear and her two cubs out of her  kitchen this week. Yes, family members were home at the time. And while experts might caution people to use other methods to try to get them out, you're probably not likely going to take time to Google the best ways to get bears out of your kitchen.

Red Lodge resident Kathy Kenyon shooed the bears out of her kitchen by clapping and yelling. She also bravely and creatively used the window screen that the bears had pushed through to get in the house in the first place. Before Ms. Kenyon and her husband knew what was happening, mama and the cubs managed to enjoy a tasty snack of peaches and chocolate.

The couple was watching TV in another part of the house when they saw something black and furry out of the corners of their eyes pop into the TV room then right back out.  Neighbor's dog, maybe? Uh, no.

Probably working on adrenaline more than fear, Kathy moved toward the kitchen with hands a-clapping and voice a-yelling. That was enough to get the mama bear to flee the house, but the cubs lingered until Kathy could give them a gentle paddling on the behinds with the busted out window screen.

Great story, Brett! You can read it in its entirety and see an action photo of the shooing here.


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