A few weeks ago, we posed the question about whether or not the annual Polson Cherry Festival was going to happen; The Polson Montana Chamber of Commerce actually released a Facebook post asking people if it should go forward, and it seems like the majority of comments wanted the fest to go on. Unfortunately, those people will have to wait until next year for their cherries - the Flathead Lake Cherry Festival has officially been cancelled.

It's been tricky trying to do ANY kind of major event over the last few months - countless activities have been postponed or cancelled, and others have been severely downsized. So it's not a surprise to hear that the Polson Cherry Festival won't move forward, but it's still a bummer.

The announcement was made by the Polson Business Community in a Facebook post:

The Facebook comments are filled with people who are disappointed, but at least understanding. It's always a shame to see these major annual events be taken off the calendar, but it's something we've been seeing more and more of during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully, the festival will be able to move forward with no issues next year.

Were you planning on attending the Flathead Lake Cherry Festival?

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