Pulling a prank is almost always meant to be funny, not cruel. This prank was way over the line.

A University of Miami student is no longer facing drug charges after his 'drugs' tested negative. The student played a practical joke on friends when he left lines of powdered sugar out on a dorm table along with 7 aspirin pills and a rolled-up dollar bill. University staffers called the police, who swooped in to make a major 'drug bust'.

The student tells the New Times newspaper: “It was indeed powdered sugar — 23.7 grams of the finest you can buy at Publix. I know the amount from the police report. I doubt they’d believe me. To them it is more plausible that I left $1,500 worth of cocaine strewn around my apartment.”

OUCH! That prank could have ruined that kid's college life and made it difficult to find jobs in the future. That is a perfect example of a prank going way too far!

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