What's up with all the stories we see about people damaging other peoples' things? Watch the news or browse around the web and it won't take long until you see a story about something in Missoula being vandalized or stolen. There's been so many complaints lately about cars being rummaged through, things being taken from yards, damage being done to property, and the ongoing saga of catalytic converters being stolen from vehicles around town. Senseless acts, not to mention somebody shooting birds in the neck with blow darts, like this recent story.

It's pretty much to the point that when somebody uses the phrase "this is why we can't have nice things," - "THIS" in the statement pretty much means Missoula. We're keeping ourselves from having nice things by ruining them.

Back in January, a KPAX article told the story of how free food pantries were popping up around Missoula. Never heard of such a thing? If you're familiar with the free little libraries you see in random peoples' yards.....it's like that, but with food so people in need can get get assistance. It's such a cool program with no other mission than to help those who need it. So it was a bummer to see a post on Facebook talking about how one of the food pantries in E. Missoula is shutting down for the summer.

Due to vandalism the last 2 weeks The Little Free Food Pantry at 546 Speedway Ave in East Missoula will be retired for the summer.

I have donated everything to the Missoula Food Bank. Thank you to all who have donated food, toiletries, and support over this last year.

I hope to restart it again in the Fall/Winter. Maybe it's the heat making folks mean.

I'm not sure what the extent of the vandalism is over the last few weeks. But because an individual, or a group of people decided to be knuckleheads, people that looked to the food pantry for help will have to be the ones to suffer.

Yep, THIS is why we can't have nice things!

Here's a few comments that people shared on Facebook upon hearing the news:

- You’re doing the right thing on every front- I’m sorry that others aren’t.

Thank you for trying. Some people just don't get it, and need to hurt and ruin things.

Thank you for your kindness. Some just don’t understand what kindness is.

Please let us know when you're back...I had no idea about this and would love to support it!

I'm sorry that happened, but I'm glad you are just taking a break and giving it another go again in the future. We can't let people who do bad things keep us from doing good things. Thanks for all you do!

No, it's not the heat. It's their lack of manners, integrity & decency. None ever taught them how to behave in polite society. But then, I've had similar problems out there.

Hopefully, after a pause in the operation, they'll give it another go and people won't mess it up the next time!

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