There was so much back-and-forth arguing about the latest round of stimulus checks - I ended up not even following along and didn't realize they were being distributed at the first of the month. It wasn't until my sister asked if mine was deposited that I noticed it was there. But as soon as I got the money I blew it on a bunch of stuff that I've been wanting!! Ha! I wish I could say that. The truth is I immediately spent it on medical bills. It's amazing how much money they want when your wife breaks her ankle and has to have surgery and you have to do sleep studies and get a CPAP machine. Not only did I just hand over this stimulus check, but also the last one and my tax return. Ugh....what a punch in the junk.

If you have bills to pay, rent to make, or need that extra bit of money in a hurry - you've probably been checking your account daily if you've been waiting on a direct deposit. If you haven't seen your stimulus money yet......maybe this could be the reason. There's been some delays for people that filed their taxes through H&R Block, Turbo Tax, and other tax preparer services. 

An error has caused thousands of people's payments to be deposited in to accounts that aren't theirs. It turns out that the IRS sent a bunch of stimulus payments to the company accounts of the tax preparers instead of the actual customer's accounts. Thankfully the glitch was recognized and money is in the process of being moved to where it belongs.

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If you're waiting for a stimulus payment and haven't seen it yet - you can use the "Get My Payment" portal through the IRS website to track the status of your payment.

If your payment appears to be missing or you realize it went to the wrong account - you should contact TurboTax, H&R Block, or your other preparer directly.

And if you don't receive your return by direct deposit - you should also be seeing a payment soon:

Here's to hoping you get to have more fun spending the money than I did.

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