Sloan Emery Mcgillis was born at 2:09am on 2/25/15 weighing 9lbs 6oz. Once she was delivered they realized Sloan had a large mass that took up her left cheek called a vascular hemangioma. This was nothing that they expected & we're not prepared for what was to come. After 2 days in postpartum Sloan & her mom moved to the NICU where she was given the beta blocker propranolol that has been proven to shrink hemangiomas. She had to slowly be given increased doses of the medicine & have her heart monitored because the beta blocker is meant to slow the heart down. On Thursday 2/5/15 they were told they would be getting to go home the next day, as she had done good on her full dose amount. Around 5:30pm the neonatologist informed the family that Seattle children's hospital had viewed her MRI & were very concerned about the size of the mass & the strain it may put on her heart trying to keep the blood flow to the mass. Mom & baby were flown to Seattle the next morning & Dad drove out. And this was just the start of a long battle against the big tumor.

Wednesday January 6th 2016, the tumor was removed!

Here's how you can help! Sloan will be having her 1st birthday next week (Thursday Feb. 25th) and what she would really love is cards from her supporters. This little girl has fought so hard in her first year of life, just some encouraging words and positive thoughts would go a long way. If you could send her a card that would make her day. The address to send cards is:

Sloan McGillis

c/o General Delivery

Missoula, MT 59806

If you want to see Sloan's Story on facebook, click here.

Or if you want to help the McGillis family with medical expenses, click here.

What a strong and beautiful little girl!



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