You ever watched any videos from Wolters World?

It's a pretty popular YouTube channel (over 700,000 subscribers!) that travels all over the world and provides highlights for some of the world's destinations for potential tourists. They give you tips and tricks, and things to know about if you plan to come by for a visit.

Now obviously, tourism has been down since the pandemic began, but that can sort of make these kind of travel videos more appealing - you can start planning for a trip you want to take after the pandemic is over, or just learn more about a place you've never been.

And Wolters World recently posted a video called "The Don'ts of Visiting Montana," and it's exactly what it sounds like: tips for people visiting Montana and some ideas and concepts to avoid while they're here.

Here's a few of the best tips in the video:

"Don't expect to have cell phone service everywhere in the state."

"Don't forget to fill up your gas any chance you get."

"Don't worry about the locals bothering you."

"Don't think that Wyoming is your only entrance to Yellowstone National Park."

"Huckleberries are a must in Montana."

As someone who moved to Montana from New York a few years ago, I can vouch that a video like this would have definitely been helpful when I made my way out here. Anything you'd want to add to the list that this video doesn't cover?

What's one tip you would give to a tourist if they were stopping by to visit Montana?

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