Put this on your Christmas list now, there is a Hunger Games Cookbook! OK, let's be honest there are a few things that you will definitely not want to try but here are the details. Emily Baines has published 'The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook'. She says she has 150 recipes for squirrel, raccoon, goat cheese balls, apples and tree rat. "I bought new copies of each book since I didn't want to mess up my own and then went through with a highlighter marking all mentions of food, even an apple on a tree. Some required more exploring than others, [for example] the groosling doesn't exist but in the book it says it looks like wild turkey. Stuff like that I had to hope I was as true as possible."

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2" opens today, and I will be checking it out at the Carmike!

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