We are less than one month away from Montana's biggest summer party, Headwaters Country Jam 2017! It's going to be incredible with headliners Frankie Ballard, Randy Houser, and Chris Young. Tickets are available for purchase right now, just click here. The party is set for June 15-17th in Three Forks, MT but here are your 10 commandments for Headwaters Country Jam.


I. Thou shalt bring comfortable shoes

There is no reason to bring high heels or any other flash expensive shoes to kick up some dust as we dance around to great country music.

II. Thou shalt bring a backpack

You're going to have a water bottle, sunscreen, phone, sun glasses, and tons of other little things. Bring one even if you think you won't use it.

III. Thou shalt bring extra water

You will most likely be in very warm weather and often times alcoholic beverages are mixed in there as well. Stay hydrated, and always bring extra water, you won't regret it.

IV. Thou shalt bring a fully charged power bank

Unless you're bringing power with you to Headwaters, you won't have an outlet to charge your electronics. Buy a power bank and charge it before you arrive.

V. Thou shalt bring wet wipes

There is going to be a time throughout the weekend you will need wet wipes or paper towels to clean up something. Most likely spilled beer, yep I've been there.

VI. Thou shalt bring hygiene items

You're going to spend three days in the heat. Trust me you're going to want deodorant, toothpaste, and dry shampoo. And your camping buddies will appreciate it.

VII. Thou shalt bring lots of food

We are lucky at Headwaters with so many delicious food vendors on site, but it's never a bad idea to have lots of delicious food back at your camp to help you sober up.

VIII. Thou shalt bring a sleeping bag

Even though it gets quite warm during the day and in the afternoon most mornings are still pretty chilly, make sure you have everything you need to stay warm.

IX. Thou shalt bring sunscreen

Don't be like me on my first year at Headwaters and not bring sun screen. Once I came home and took a shower I realized how burnt I got, don't become that lobster.

X. Thou shalt remember your tent

This seems like a no brainer but often times you're so excited for the festival you forget about the most important things like a tent.


We are all really excited for Headwaters, just make sure you follow the 10 commandments so you have the best festival weekend possible.

And just in case you need a reminder...

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