The Mother Goose is the perfect mix of coed grass volleyball, Montana sunshine, fun, friends and laughter! It's gonna be one of the BEST ways to embrace the Missoula lifestyle this summer!

Awesome competition is a given, but we're also adding the best food and snack vendors in Missoula, a Bud Light beer garden, a couple clothing vendors, games for the little ones and of course a special 107.5 ZooFM playlist!

Now here is where things get interesting... To attract the best volleyball players in western Montana, Spokane and Idaho we decided to add a $1,000 bounty for the winner of the Open division! That's right, a $1,000 BOUNTY!!!

So here's everything you need to know about The Mother Goose:

When: Saturday, July 1st, 2017

Where: The Pitch at Fort Missoula, Missoula, MT

  1. Coed Grass Volleyball Tournament
    1. Required number of players: 4
    2. There has to be 2 guys and 2 girls on every team
  2. Two Levels of Competition
    1. Open
      1. Age Group: 18+
      2. $150 Pre-Paid Entry fee per team OR $175 Day-Of Entry Fee
      3. Championship Prize: $1,000 Bounty
    2. Competitive
      1. Age Group: All Ages
      2. $50 Entry fee per team
      3. Championship Prize: Reimbursement of Entry Fee & Prize Pack
  3. Tournament Theme
    1. Top Gun
  4. Team Names
    1. We encourage ‘creative’ team names but please no legit cuss words
  5. Team Costumes
    1. The more creative the better
  6. Alcohol
    1. Yes there will be a beer only Bud Light beer garden at the event
    2. You must be 21+ and have a wristband to enter the beer garden
  7. USAV Membership
    1. All players must have a current USAV membership to participate in The Mother Goose
    2. To register for a USAV membership, click HERE!
  8. Registration
    1. You must submit your team information to tournament director Nicole Wren
    2. You can pre-pay by clicking HERE!
    3. We will accept day-of tournament payment
    4. The only way to pay with a credit card is through our pre-paid option. Credit cards will not be accepted for day-of payment! And you have to pay to play, so plan ahead!!!
      • To avoid paying online processing fees, you are more than welcome to drop off a check or cash payment at our station!
      • 3250 South Reserve St. - Suite 200 (Same building as Western Montana Lighting

To reserve a spot in the tournament, please email Nicole Wren at with the following info:

  1. Team Name
  2. Team Members
  3. Open or Competitive Division
  4. If you are registering to compete in the Open Division, how many Bud Light Beer Garden wristbands will you need? (Please keep in mind that we will be ID checking at the event! So please don’t be sneaky!)
  5. Did you register online or are you going to bring CASH or CHECK ONLY payment day-of tournament?

If you have any questions, please email us at!

To give you a little taste of what to expect, imagine the below video played on grass and that pretty much sums up what The Mother Goose is gonna look like... costumes included!

Griz Volleyball
Griz Volleyball

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