Has anybody acquired the rights to the movie yet? With all the remakes and sequels that Hollywood keeps leaning on - let's get somebody to put together a movie about the treasure that was buried by Forrest Fenn. This story has so many twists and turns that it's just asking to be turned into a feature film. Whoa.....that could be a tongue twister......a future feature film for Forrest Fenn! Say that 10 times fast!

A very quick recap if you're not familiar with the story - a retired art and antiques dealer claimed for years that he hid over $1 million in treasure somewhere in the wilderness of Colorado, Montana, New Mexico or Wyoming. He wrote a memoir and included a poem with clues to the whereabouts of the chest that was filled with coins, gold nuggets, and more. The search went on for a decade and there were serious questions raised about the hidden treasure being a hoax. Five people even died in their quest to find it. But in June of this year the announcement was made that someone had finally uncovered it. The details around the discovery were so vague that many wondered if it had really been found or even existed. And then Forrest Fenn died in September without the identity of the finder becoming public.

The latest twist in the tale has us learning just who it was that found what so many were searching for. Jack Stuef, 32, appears to be the lucky dog that found the treasure back in June. But why are we learning his name now? Well, it's another one of those twists and turns I was mentioning before. I'll let you read all the details for yourself in this NBC MONTANA article, but the short story is that a woman is suing the estate of Forrest Fenn because she believes she knew where the treasure was buried in New Mexico - and she claims Jack Stuef was only able to find it after hacking into her emails and texts.

The crazy story continues even after the treasure has been found. The only question that remains is who will play the role of Forrest Fenn when they finally get this movie into production.

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