The FBI is asking for the public’s help to find two women who are wanted for their alleged involvement in a home invasion and robbery that took place in Helena. The incident occurred in April or May of 2017. Public Affairs Specialist Sandra Yi Barker says they are looking for Melissa Shurtliff and Jamie Milsten.

“These two women, allegedly with a third accomplice who is currently in custody, invaded a home,” Barker said. “The accomplice, who is in custody, was armed with a double barreled sawed off shotgun and held the victims of the home invasion at gunpoint while Jamie Milsten allegedly searched the residence for money and drugs.”

According to Barker, the suspects left the home before they could be apprehended by authorities.

“Milsten and the other accomplice allegedly then fled the scene and Melissa Shurtliff was allegedly acting as the getaway driver,” Barker said. “We definitely want to find these women. We want to get them off the streets. This was a very violent crime and we are hoping that we can generate some tips.”

Barker asks that anyone with information call 911 or the Salt Lake City FBI office at (801)-579-1400.

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