Missoula, Montana is and has been a hot bed of music for sometime - and the growing secondary ticket marketplace via players like Stub Hub and EBay, Craig's List and Ticketmaster's growing TM+ product - creates a new choices for consumers who must have a ticket to that sold out sporting event or concert.  An incredible marketplace for sure - and events that are incredibly difficult to get a ticket to - eg. the World Series - are fetching prices anywhere from $25,000 per ticket for a field seat at AT+T Park for Game 3 to $515 per ticket in a standing room only area for the same game.  From what I can see here in Missoula - Craig's List seems to be the favorite method of ticket resale for ticket sellers and buyers.  Ticketmaster's new TM+ product is a focus of heavy investment by Ticketmaster - so it will be interesting to see how this increased competition trickles down to the consumer in savings on service and handling fees from the secondary players.


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