When I said that I really didn't want to jump into a lot of yard work on the first WARM weekend of the year, I wasn't expecting to be so easily taunted by a couple of yellow lawn bandits during a leisurely morning stroll through my front yard.


Upon feeling a slight amount of pressure begin to build from gazing neighbors, I was faced with a choice of 1.) put on some gloves and conform with the clearly visible theme of lawn maintenance, or 2.) hang my head in shame and dissapear to the back yard for the rest of the day.  I thought for a moment and decided on a compromise spawned by something I had seen on-line last week, something that looked a little more "fun".

To the shock of my neighbors, and the delight of a few of thier on-looking teenagers, I dissapeared to the garage and re-emerged ready to deal with the issue at hand. Click on the video below to see how I spent some quality "front yard" time this morning.

Note - I did pick a few beforehand, put them in a vase, and placed them on an end table in my living room to bring a little "Spring" inside.  A serial weed killer with a touch of decorating sense?  Sure.

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