Karma Comes to One Ex!
Most of us have got through heart break, ending in never speaking with that person again. Well, there was one ex-wife that wasn't going to let things end like that. She needed to cause her former husband more aggravation than that. Although her payback didn't work like she had planned, she…
Trace Adkins is Getting Divorced
I will tell you right now, this comes as a huge shock to me! Even though Trace has battled his demons with alcohol through out their 16 year marriage, Rhonda always seemed supportive and they seemed truly happy in the recent years. Well that has come to an end
Rodney Atkins’ Divorce Documents Surface
After his arrest for alleged domestic assault, Rodney Atkins said he was left no choice but to file for divorce from his wife of over 13 years. TMZ has obtained the divorce documents, which include Tammy Atkins’ counter complaint and what both parties are seeking as part of their sep…