First Night Book Fair in Missoula!
Fact of Fiction Downtown is again opening their doors to host the annual First Night Book Fair on Saturday, December 3rd from 10am-6pm. All proceeds from sales that day will be donated to the annual New Year's Eve celebration of the arts...
A Cool Million Donated
James Patterson  has a lot of fans and he just acquired another one.Best-selling author James Patterson is giving away $1 million of his own money to independent booksellers. The first round of 55 stores will receive  over 267-grand. The remaining money will be handed out in stages through…
Author Tom Clancy Dead at the Age of 66
Tom Clancy, the hugely successful and prolific author behind the Jack Ryan series of books and multiple video game franchises, died at a hospital last night in Baltimore at the age of 66. His publisher confirmed the news to the New York Times but no cause of death has been announced.
Al's Book Blog
Grafton and Tarkington have uncovered a real rats nest involving two factions in Russian government;
What Have You Been Reading?
I started a new feature this week here on the 94.9 KYSS FM website I'm calling Al's Book Blog. It's just me suggesting books, and commenting along as I read them, in the hopes that you'll join me and share your feedback too. (Read more about how Al's Book Blog got started.)
We are about five days int…
Al's Book Blog
True to form it doesn’t take the author long to get the intrigue going with a member of the Mosad passing a message to Grafton that she must meet with him. The first of several people have died under suspicious circumstances. Why? Because they knew too much about an arms deal or that…
Crack a Book With Al
I like to read….I’ve been this way since I was a kid. Our family read a lot, my mom especially. She introduced me to our small town library, about the size of a closet. I had an English teacher, Sister Roswitha, in high school who introduced me to the standards; Poe, Twain, He…

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