Who’s A Year Older ?
We’ve got a pretty good list of Birthday celebrants today. If you see someone you know on the list wish them a Happy Birthday.
Karen Driessen, Joe Stelling, Marc Binney, Tyler Gordon, Alexis Lentz.
Snow Day Birthdays
This was the day to have a birthday. Lots of people stayed home because of all the snow. Lynne Jensen,Rick Stowell,Richard Stepper,Eric Peak and Ryan Vetos.
Belated Birthday best wishes to yesterdays celebrants; Daniel Brockway, Pamela Ritter, Laurel Daniels, Joshua Bunting and Jay Woods
Seven Year Olds Celebrate
George Alecci-7 from Oompahpah and Omah, Brady Whitman who goes to Woodman School from Mom, Dad, and Piper, Owen Hoag, 1st grader in Seeley Lake from Mom, Julene Shea from Deb, Keith and the Greggy “V” family, Michael Ellis, Berine Kuhns, Sr...
Happy Birthday Neighbor
Georgana Egeland, Gail Zella, Cathy Twite, Barbara Lanoue (an old neighbor of Al's from back in the Stevensville days) and Debbie Hoffman from Elvina.
Today’s Birthday Bunch
Happy Birthday Best Wishes To; Melinda from the 3 nephews and their Mom & Dad, Elvina Dimmick from Regina, Kimberly Bezanson and last but hardly least, Crystal Hooker a senior at Drummond H.S. from everybody.
Do You Have Odd Calendar Dates In Your Family?
Well, we extend a January 4 happy birthday today to Richard Stiff of the Toledo OH area. He is 65 today. His dad was born on January 4th back in 1924. Richard's daughter is 34 today. Her daughter is 1 today...:-) Anything like that in your family?
Golden Birthday
Todays' Birthday best wishes go out to;
Julie Terry- from your big sister Cindy.
Dave Golden- from Patty & Ken and the Silver Dollar Gang.
Between the Two Birthdays
Richard Jones
Darci Monsos
Douglas Standley
Rhiannon Leeper
Krista Reinhard
Dylan Macpherson
Happy Birthday to each and every one of you.
Today’s Birthdays
A fairly quiet day today for Birthdays; Blaine Monaco in Seattle from his family in Missoula and Richard Foster from LaJean and the kids,Torrey and Seth.

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