Gather 'round and I shall regale you with the saga that leads to the grand reopening of one of Missoula's favorite taco places - the Taco Del Sol located on Higgins in the downtown area.

Alright, it's not a long saga, but I'll give you the quick recap. Way back in March 2021, we reported that the owners of Vietnam Grill in downtown Missoula were closing the place in order to put their focus on their new business venture, Pho Vi (located on Brooks Street). Vietnam Grill happened to be the neighbor of the downtown Taco Del Sol, and when they closed, Taco Del Sol decided to expand into their space and start some remodeling, which meant they had to close up shop for a little while.

And when the remodeling began, Taco Del Sol was hoping to be able to officially reopen by late June 2021. And... it ended up taking a bit longer than that.

Almost A Year Later, Downtown Taco Del Sol Is Officially Re-Open

The Missoulian reports that Taco Del Sol's downtown location is officially open again and ready for business, and their new space allows customers to share the outdoor patio with Jimmy John's next door.

Missoula is currently home to four Taco Del Sol locations, though one of them - the spot on S Reserve - is currently listed by Google as "temporarily closed." But it's exciting to see the downtown location, which is located at 420 N Higgins Ave, finally get to reopen to the public and start serving some delicious food again.

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