Over the weekend as I was traveling to the Big Sky Resort for the Montana Broadcasters Association awards there was one stop I really wanted to make: it was for tacos. There is a well known food truck in Belgrade called "Taco Bus Authentic Mexican." Yes, that is the real name of the bus.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

It's known for having exactly that: authentic Mexican food. And the Taco Bus didn't disappoint. Savannah and I each got 2 tacos and we shared some rice and beans and every bite of it was delicious. She got chicken and shredded beef tacos, I got spicy pork and steak tacos. And it truly tasted authentic, the flavors were all amazing. If you're going through Belgrade I would definitely stop for some tacos.

Although, one thing we did learn while making our stop for tacos. Remember you're very close to Bozeman. We forgot that we were wearing Griz gear and got a few looks from Bobcat fans. Oh well, Go Griz and Go delicious tacos!


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