As of yet, Missoula does not have a costumed superhero prowling the streets to protect it from danger, but Seattle does. The now famous costumed vigilante, Phoenix Jones, dresses up in an outfit complete with a bulletproof chest-plate, a stun-baton, and canisters of mace. Jones even has a secret lair behind a bookcase in a comic book store. Much like the big screen superheroes The Avengers, Jones even teams up with a group of other like-minded crime fighters known as the Rain City Superheroes. Here’s a clip of Jones in the process of stopping a car robbery.

Now it appears Phoenix Jones was caught macing some of the May Day protesters. We still don’t know why.


Most likely not coordinated with the May Day macing, but definitely in line with the whole superhero theme: Seattle now has it’s first Super Villain.  A man who goes by the name Rex Velvet and who just sent an open challenge to Phoenix Jones. You can watch Rex Velvet’s very well done video here.


Obviously Red Velvet is just playing games, but Phoenix Jones is actually interacting with the public and perhaps even preventing crimes. We want to know what you think about all of this.

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