We all are all too familiar with mosquito bites and how annoying they can be. This quick hack may save your body this summer.

Popsugar recently published an article about a gal and her boyfriend who went to the Dominican Republic and on the trip she got eaten by squito's! Her boyfriend's mother told her about a quick cheap fix. Now it wasn't an instant fix but she definitely saw the difference in a day or two and the itching stopped almost immediately.

The boyfriend's mother recommended Vicks VapoRub, which runs about $5. According to the article it's a topical anesthetic and the combination is what helps "They create a cooling sensation and stop the itching.". I guess it also has nutmeg oil which is an anti-inflammatory assistant. The gal who had a lot of bites also said that Vicks is used for  headaches, fevers, toenail fungus, and more in the Dominican.

Something easy to throw in your pack floating, hiking or take it with you recreating outdoors. I always scratch them and it'll be nice to prevent me scratching my skin till it bleeds.

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