It's heartbreaking to hear stories about kids showing up to school without anything to eat because the family is struggling at home. Thank goodness for lunch programs that can help provide for families in need. And with the pandemic we know that more families have been relying on food assistance in the last year - as you can see with the Facebook post below. But what happens when children of struggling families head home for the weekend?


This is pretty cool - the Montana Food Bank Network is doing their best to make sure students are able to have food for the extended couple of days that they're away from school. They're filling backpacks with enough food to cover breakfast, lunch, and a snack for both a Saturday and a Sunday. The program is helping more than 130 schools and 5,000 students in Montana.

Donations are being sought to help continue to fill backpacks for families that need them most. $160 would be enough to provide a backpack of food to a student for the whole year. I know that might seem like a large number when it comes to digging into your pockets to give..........that's why I started with the higher number make the next number seem so much easier. It makes it seem much more doable to donate when you see that $5 gives a student a backpack for a weekend. Hopefully my psychology trick worked and it makes you think $5 (or any amount) is an affordable donation to give to the Montana Food Bank Network to help with their backpack program.

If you want to put food on a student's plate - and take a bit of worry off of a parent's plate - you can donate at

Learn more about the Montana Food Bank Network HERE and visit them on Facebook.

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